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The power of water is immeasurable. It influences basic needs such as growth and circulation and is linked both our emotional wellbeing and consciousness.The heart of Monte Coxala is fuelled by thermal waters that travel from 260 meters below the surface of the earth. These waters have a high mineral content that purify and regenerate body mind and spirit. Combining modern vision with traditional wisdom, the power of these waters have been harnessed into exquisite experiential installations.

These eccentric Water Therapies offer different transformative effects and are unique to Monte Coxala. The benefits of these healing waters are impressive and include relieving stress, fatigue, arthritis, and are highly recommended for physical & emotional rehabilitation.

The latin roots of the word spa translateinto Health by Water.

Sallus Per Aqua
Sallus Per Aqua


Thermal Baths


Journey through the sanctuary and you will find several mineral open door baths that are naturally heated to 37- 40° C. These calm baths offer a peaceful and regenerative experience, inviting you to relax into quiet serenity


The Crystal Pyramid

Spa/ Crystal pyramid

At the top of an impressive pyramid awaits a mineral bath that rests beneath a crystal clear peak. This immaculate water therapy acts as a gateway to connecting with your higher self and the powers of the Universe.


The Olmec Head

Therapies/Cabeza Olmeca

A metaphorical and figurative journey through the mind, the giant Olmec Head acts as a gateway into a dark covered mineral pool that flows beneath the pyramid. Traveling into this experience allows a deep inner transformation to occur. Walking through healing waters is a natural way to rebuild your body and repair injuries. This experience is like a deep voyage into the depths of inner self.


The Infinity Pool

Spa\ Infinity Pool

These water therapy allows for an infinite reflection of the self. With a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, the vanishing edge of this pool will allow you to merge with the wide open sky and lake. The effect of these experience will leave you feeling on top of the world and beyond.


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