• Las Caballerizas
  • Las Caballerizas

Tour family restaurant invites you to enjoy traditional mexican food in a dream-like environment for kids. With delicious food and a fantastical playground, both parents and kids can relax and enjoy this open air paradise. Sip margaritas and eat delicious tacos while your kids bounce on trampolines and explore a magical environment that guarantees to entertain toddlers to teens.

Whit that special view of Lake Chapala, this venue is a ideal place to host events. Celebrate anniversaries, birthday parties and even weddings whit our professionally trained event staff. We have the experience to make your dreams they a smooth success.

Open Friday to Sunday from 1pm to 8 pm
Reservations (387) 76 10908

Traditional mexican food environment for kids

Las Caballerizas
Las Caballerizas

Restaurant Menu


Guacamole   $50
Panela   $40
Panela asada   $50
Quesos fundido natural   $65
Queso fundido con chorizo   $80
Queso fundido con champiñones   $75
Tacos de frijol (3)   $35
Quesadillas naturales (3)   $35
Quesadillas con Chorizo (3)   $50
Ensalada Verde   $45


Orden de Chorizo   $80
Arroz rojo   $35
Frijoles   $35
Cebollitas   $30
Chiles asados   $30
Papas al Romero   $40
Toritos (Chiles rellenos c/queso y frijol 0 chorizo)   $65


Arrachera (300gr)   $165
Rib Eye (300gr)   $185
Churrasco (400gr)   $180
Vacio.(300gr)   $175
Asaso de Tira (300gr)   $155
Peinecillo con hueso (300gr)   $155
Brocheta de res   $145
Prime Rib (400gr)   $210


Molcajete de Arrachera   $140
Molcajete Mixto   $210
(Arrachera, chorizo, cebollitas y champiñon)


Pregunte a su mesero por nuestros postres del día
Café de Olla   $25

Las Caballerizas

Las Caballerizas

Las Caballerizas

Las Caballerizas

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